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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Dog assisted open math lesson for first graders parents

The topic of the lesson was the concept of number 3. We started with movement play, then I introduced the concept of number 3 with the dog – it barked 3 times.

After that came the even and co-operative work with playful tasks, then we solved open sentences with help of the dog. The children were the numbers, I was the + and the – symbols, Kemi was the = symbol. The kids really enjoyed it.

After we solved problems at the board and in the textbook, then we ended the lesson with movement playing. I’ve got a lot of positive feedback from the parents. They liked the lesson’s relaxed atmosphere, besides the children worked really disciplined. They told that they willingly come to school and they really fond of the dog. It gives them a sense of security and motivation for learning.

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